Edurite Junior Physicist Pack (For Class 11 & 12)
Edurite Junior Physicist Pack (For Class 11 & 12)

Edurite Junior Physicist Pack (For Class 11 & 12)

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What's in Junior Physicist Pack ?

Score More DVD/USB

  • Edurite ScoreMore Physics DVD/USB -
    • Covers your entire Class 11 and 12 Physics Topics right from Kinematics to Communication Systems.
    • Learn Through State of Art Interactive Animation.
    • Useful for Entrance Exam like IIT-JEE,Medical Entrances etc
    • Learn Faster and Practice with quizzes and advance assessment tool.


    • Missed Lab in school or Didn't get enough time to perform it Now All experiments of Class 11 and Class 12 can be done at your home on a computer with State of Art Simulation of amazing LabInApp.

    Will it be help full for Competitive Exams like IIT-JEE ,Medical Entrance Exams apart from my School Exams?

    Yes Definitely. You will learn concepts in most effective way of visual learning that helps your cognitive ability to recall the concepts whenever needed, in competitive exams or school exams.

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    Why waste time you can Buy it now and get Competitive Advantage or just chat with our educational counselor to know more